Renaissance Hotel in Uluwatu, Bali – Luxury Trip Review

Renaissance Hotel in Uluwatu, Bali – Luxury Trip Review

We were delighted with the opportunity to stay at the recently opened Renaissance Hotel in Uluwatu on the southern coast of Bali. The first impression of the resort was that we were in for a relaxing but extremely fun and entertaining stay. The open-air environment throughout the property is quintessential and allows you to enjoy the perfect weather that prevails almost the entire year while having a world class meal or passing a gorgeous afternoon or sunset at the pool (which has an infinity edge overlooking the coast for perfect sunset vistas). And of course, relaxing in the air-conditioned restaurant over a 5-star meal or your own suite complete with fantastic amenities is the ultimate luxury. IMG-3606

The staff was amazing, paying close attention to the smallest details to make our stay enjoyable. We were greeted warmly at every meal and our experience from start to finish was absolutely top-notch. And there’s no way that we could skip describing the vibe. From our entrance to the property and a fun personalized note form the staff left in the suite, to the creative and extremely delicious food and energetic but not-overwhelmingly raucous music playing throughout the property, we enjoyed every moment.


The pool is expansive and comes completely with those fun floating pillows that will make anyone feel like they’re one of the rich and famous. The main restaurant serves local favorites as well as international fare with a subtle twist to bring in local flavors. The deck bar on the top story of the hotel overlooks the property in all its exquisite design and brings in the view of the coast with the amazing colors of the jungle contrasted against a warm sunset over the water.

And while we’re talking about comfort and luxury, our suite consisted of the most comfortable bathtub in the world, a waterfall shower, the softest sheets on the most comfortable bed, and tasteful décor throughout. They’ve put thought into every detail, from a smart air conditioning system to sense when you’re enjoying the view from the balcony to motion lighting, so you don’t stumble around in the middle of the night while you’re still learning the lay of the land in your suite.

If we were to describe the entire experience in a few words, it would be: luxurious, playful, delicious. I would return for any portion of the experience on its own, but the combination of everything they’ve achieved at Renaissance creates the perfect setting for relaxation and enjoyment.


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