Gayana Marine Resort Review: A Gaya Island Resort Review

Gayana Marine Resort Review: A Gaya Island Resort Review

The Gayana Marine Resort is a luxury resort on Gaya Island, a gorgeous escape in Malaysia. Discover more about this resort in this Gaya Island resort review.


The Gayana Marine Resort is on the Gaya Island, just off the coast of Borneo, a giant island in southeast Asia. There are 52 over the water villas out in the Malahoma bay with views of the mangrove forest and tropical jungle.


View of a villa at Gayana Marine Resort

Style & Character

The resort is keen on protecting the island and is centered around a Marine Ecology Research Centre that helps the endangered giant clams and coral reefs.

The villas themselves are focused on the sea and wildlife around it.These over-the-water villas have been built so that the lulling sounds of the water can be heard inside the rooms to help guests drift to sleep. Inside the villas, there are a number of large windows with panoramic views of the bay, forest, and jungle.

Everything about the Gaya Island Resort centers on the wildlife and nature that surrounds it. Glass floors are provided in some villas for guests to enjoy the views of the sea below them. Windows and open walls allow guests to see hornbills and sea eagles.


Rainforest Villa interior at the Gayana Marine Resort


There are 5 different types of villas at the Gayana Marine Resort: Lagoon Villas, Mangrove Villas, Rainforest Villas, Ocean Villas, and Palm Villas.

  • Lagoon Villa: The 700-square-foot Lagoon Villa provides luxurious views of the entire resort, which is spectacular at night because they light it up with gorgeous lights. There are large showers, a private balcony, a TV, and king- or twin-size beds.
  • Mangrove Villa: The Mangrove Villa provides views of the island’s mangroves, home to many exotic animals. There is a private balcony with access to the water, along with large showers, a TV, and king- or twin-size beds.
  • Rainforest Villa: The 1100-square-foot villa Rainforest Villa has amazing views of gorgeously green hills of the tropical jungle. The villa includes a large private balcony with sun beds, large showers, a TV, and king-size bed.
  • Ocean Villa: This 1300-square-foot villa provides indescribable views of the South China Sea. The Ocean Villa also has a private balcony that leads to the amazing waters, large showers, a TV, and king- or twin-size beds.
  • Palm Villa: The Palm Villa is the most prestigious accommodation at the Gayan Marine Resort. It is a full 1650 square feet with a glass floor room that allows guests to watch the sea life below them. There is a private balcony with access to the water, large double showers, a double bath, an espresso machine, a TV, a king-size bed, and even a butler service.


Table set at the Macac Restaurant in Gayan Marine Resort

Food & Drink

With fresh ingredients and local produce you are sure to enjoy every meal at the Gayan Marine Resort. There are 5 dining options; Alu Alu, Latitude Bar, Macac, Functions, and Private Dining.

  • Alu Alu is an over the water Chinese seafood restaurant open for lunch and dinner.
  • Latitude Bar is perfect for pre-dinner drinks and snacks; plus, it boasts a spectacular view of the sunset.
  • Macac has Western fusion food and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Functions is a more formal dining option for holding business meetings or wedding receptions.
  • Private Dining is an option for those that wish to have a romantic evening alone at their villa or on a private deck.


Man standing on a bridge looking at the lush jungle in Malaysia

Things To Do

You won’t be bored at this resort. There are a number of activities that are great for couples or for the whole family. Check them out below.

  • Visit the Marine Conservation Center and learn all about the wildlife that surrounds you at the Gayan Marine Resorts.
  • Scuba dive
  • Go snorkeling
  • Kayak
  • Paddleboard
  • Trek the jungle

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