Milu Hotel in Florence, Italy

Milu Hotel in Florence, Italy

We were so excited for the opportunity to stay at the Milu Hotel, a gorgeous, four-star hotel located in the heart of Florence, Italy. Upon arriving at the hotel, we were greeted by the friendly staff and checked in within minutes. The street Milu Hotel is on can be busy during the day, but is quiet at night, making it the perfect place to stay.

And of course, the 24-hour lounge, complete with an espresso machine and comfortable couches, made us feel like we were truly home away from home. Through the lounge, you can access the rooftop terrace. The terrace offers a panoramic view of the city and only adds to the charm of the Milu Hotel.


View from the terrace of the Hotel Milu


The staff was amazing, greeting us warmly whenever we came or went. They quickly got to know us—there is something warm and cozy about having hotel staff recognize you! They were interested in hearing about our adventures and made sure to let us know that they were there to make our stay more enjoyable. Our experience from start to finish was absolutely top-notch.

Each of the 22 rooms in the Milu Hotel has a unique color scheme. Ours was a rich, deep purple mixed with earthy tones, making us feel like royals. Our room consisted of the most comfortable bed in the world, equipped with Egyptian cotton linens, a rain shower head, adjustable air conditioning, and a workstation. Everything in the room, down to the Italian furniture, adds to the luxurious feeling of the hotel.


Bedroom in Hotel Milu


One of our favorite parts of the hotel was the walking art gallery. As you walk up the winding staircase (there’s also an elevator!), there is a new piece of art around every corner. The hotel is the perfect mix of history and modern luxury, and many of the art pieces feature local artists.

And there’s no way that we could skip describing the vibe. From stepping off the streets of Florence to relaxing in our room with complimentary hotel slippers, the hotel oozes with a sense of warmth and adventure. We enjoyed every moment.

Because the hotel is centrally located, it truly allows you to enjoy Florence without having to worry about public transportation or car rentals. We couldn’t believe how close the hotel was to some of the most famous attractions in Florence—a mere 10-minute walk to both the Duomo and the Fountain of Neptune, and a 15-minute walk to The David.


The Duomo in Florence, Italy


If we were to describe the entire experience in a few words, it would be: luxurious and adventurous. Florence is a gorgeous city, full of history, statues, and memories, but we would return just to stay at the Milu Hotel again. There aren’t enough words to describe how much we truly enjoyed our stay there.

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