Loews Miami Beach Hotel Review

Loews Miami Beach Hotel Review

When we checked into the Loews Miami Beach Hotel we had no idea what a treat we had in store for us. We have never been made to feel more welcome and appreciated at a hotel anywhere in the world. Like one of the managers told us, “This hotel is unlike any I have ever worked for. It really is like a family here.” And I couldn’t agree more. My only complaint is that we didn’t stay longer. However, we packed as much fun as possible into our few days at the hotel. 

The food at Loews was incredible and I can only imagine how amazing the selection would be with all restaurants functioning. As it was, due to Covid restrictions, we were able to eat at Bar Collins and our dinner experience was perfect. We enjoyed delicious seafood, steaks, and more, not to mention delicious desserts. I was also impressed with how large and varied the kids menu was. That was definitely both rare and appreciated.

Speaking of our kids, I have never seen them have a better time while eating breakfast at Preston’s Market because not only did they have endless options of delicious breakfast foods from the gourmet buffet, but our new friend “Manager Joe” basically did an entire stand up routine for them at their table the entire time they were eating. He was so friendly and kind, which freed up us as parents to enjoy our lobster eggs Benedict and avocado toast (indescribably good). Combine that with some delectable French pastries (pain au chocolat and almond croissants being at the top of the list for me), it made for some pretty dreamy mornings. 


let’s talk pool for a second. The beach, walk in entry to the spacious and beautiful pool was PERFECT for babies and toddlers or for just lounging without getting all the way in. We had a SOAK poolside, two story cabana for the day and it was SO worth it. It guaranteed privacy, a shower and bathroom, lounge chairs and couches and a balcony perfect for sunbathing. And that’s not even mentioning the gracious servers that brought amazing food and drinks. 


If we ever got tired of the pool (which we didn’t) the ocean was only steps away. Gorgeous sand and the water was perfect. The Miami Beach lifeguard tower/huts were so cute in bright shades of rainbow sherbet. Random detail, but they made for SUCH a cute photo opp and the kids loved them. The Miami skyline was also so beautiful. The energy in the city is so fun. In the  limited exploring we were able to do we found some amazing restaurants and saw people from all over the world. 


One of my favorite things was the massage I got at the spa Exhale. Such a beautiful and calming atmosphere and the massage therapist was top notch. Just another way to take an already relaxing trip over the top. 


Everything about this hotel was beautiful. The service, the decor and aesthetic, the guest rooms themselves, the view, the food, pool, restaurants, and location. We were so happy to capture the memories with the in house photographer (from Focal Point Experience – amazing!). He did an incredible job and I couldn’t believe the smiles he go out of the kids! Are you kidding? That never happens. Details, both big and small, are what set this hotel apart from the rest. We can’t wait to go back! 


Check out the Loews Miami Beach Hotel website here.


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