Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland

Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland

This resort is unlike any other luxury resort. In fact, it’s not even a resort; it is a luxury train. This train travels across Ireland’s countryside and coasts. Read more about this one-of-a-kind luxury experience.



Because the Belmond Grand Hibernian train travels across Ireland, it has the ability to visit cities in Ireland including:

  • Dublin
  • Cork
  • Blarney Castle
  • Galway
  • Westport
  • Lakes of Killarney
  • Belfast

The train offers three different journeys: Taste of Ireland, Legends and Loughs, and Grand Tour of Ireland. Depending on the journey, guests enjoy 2, 4, or 6 nights aboard the Belmond Grand Hibernian departing from Dublin. The train can accommodate up to 40 guests at a time.


Style and Character

View of observation car in the Belmond Grand Hibernian

Although guests stay on a train, it is nothing short of luxury. The contemporary train reflects elements of Dublin’s Georgian architecture and elegance. Rooms are designed to feel like authentic Irish country homes. There is even an observation car that looks like a Dublin saloon. It allows guests the opportunity to mingle, enjoy live music, and listen to talented storytellers. This train feels more like a luxury hotel than a train. It has cornice ceilings, built-in bookcases, framed pictures, and wood paneling to create a warm, cozy, luxurious atmosphere.



double bed in the Belmond Grand Hibernian train

There are 16 twin rooms and 4 double cabins on the train. All rooms have a wardrobe, a writing desk, and chair. These rooms also have large windows so guests can enjoy the view as they tour the Irish countryside. Double cabins do interconnect with twin cabins so that large families can still travel together. Each carriage of the train is named after a different Irish county and the decoration in the carriage reflects that specific location. There are cabins suited for guests with limited mobility and that have wheelchair access. All rooms have an en-suite bathroom.



dining car on the Belmond Grand Hibernian

The Belmond Grand Hibernian offers traditional Irish food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are two carriages that offer food, Sligo and Wexford. Both carriages serve the same onboard menu, the only difference is the decor and the number of chairs per table. Sligo seats four at a table, while Wexford can seat six. Chefs use seasonal ingredients and artisan cheeses.


Things to Do

Belmond Grand Hibernian train

This luxury train stops about every four hours in the major cities that it travels through. Depending on the journey, guests may get to see the Blarney Castle, Lakes of Killarny, the Connemara National Park, and the Old Bushmills distillery. Guests are free to explore cities wherever the train stops, allowing them to get a taste of Ireland’s food, culture, art, and daily life. While on board the train they can relax and mingle with other guests. There are also golf journeys aboard the Belmond Grand Hibernian that travel through the best golf courses in Ireland.

So if you are ready to experience a different kind of luxury, take a journey on the Belmond Grand Hibernian train in Ireland for an experience that you will never forget.

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