Ladera Resort – Luxury Trip Review in St. Lucia

Ladera Resort – Luxury Trip Review in St. Lucia


Saint Lucia has always been one of those bucket list places for me. Ever since I saw it on an episode of The Bachelor. But seriously, it is such a dreamy place and completely different in its entirety from anywhere else I’ve ever been. So when it was finally time to take the plunge and visit, I knew there was nowhere I’d rather stay than at the Ladera Resort.

Let me break it down for you. Each room is completely open to the outside. And when I say outside, I mean the best outside you can imagine. A breathtaking view of the Pitons and the ocean. Not to mention the lush rainforest and flowers everywhere leading down to the beach below. The enormous four poster beds are draped dreamily in white mosquito netting (which, by the way, I saw none of) and sleek teak wood and island decor provide sumptuous and understated elegance. Here is the real kicker though. There is a private pool at the edge of a cliff in every room. So that means the view I mentioned earlier? You get to take it in while floating in a warm pool complete with trickling waterfall. Add in more stars than I’ve seen maybe ever, a soft ocean breeze, and the scent of tropical flowers and you have a literal paradise that I will never, ever forget.


If you can manage to convince yourself to leave your room (good luck), there are several more benefits to staying here that bear mentioning. The restaurant is amazing. Every meal was exceptional. Plus, that view… There’s no escaping it. And thank heavens for that. The infinity pool is cool and refreshing. The fitness center was clean, up to date, and beautiful. And the spa was incredible. We bought a combination package where we hiked Gros Piton and then had a couples massage and it was unforgettable.


Lastly, the staff and service was truly impeccable. Friendly, helpful, kind, and professional. This resort stole my heart and I can’t think of even one critique. Never change, Ladera. At least not before I can come back and visit again.


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