Le Soleil d’Or, Cayman Islands

Le Soleil d’Or, Cayman Islands

The Le Solel d’Or Resort in the Cayman Islands is a tropical paradise. The white limestone bluffs that run the length of the island once served as refuge for pirates. The sandy beaches, hiking trails, caves, natural pools, and the abundant flora and fauna have since become part of the allure for those looking for an unforgettable experience. Learn more about what makes this resort the perfect place for a getaway.



beach chair on the sand overlooking the ocean

The pristine island of Cayman Brac, one of two sister islands to the northeast of Grand Cayman, is one of the most private destinations to visit within the Caribbean. The fertile land turned Cayman Brac into a farm-to-table community. The hotel even features a 20-acre organic farm that grows fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs and eggs. And don’t worry about your arrival to the lush land the resort is situated on because Le Soleil d’Or offers air-conditioned transportation from the airport.


Style & Character

beach chairs overlooking the ocean with palm trees

Le Soleil d’Or reflects the natural beauty of the island in all its architecture. The palm frond thatched gazebos, luminescent white infrastructures, crystalline blue waters, sun-bleached sand, and deep green fauna envelop guests for the duration of their stay.



women doing yoga by a pool at the Le Soleil d’Or, Cayman Islands

This hotel is nothing short of luxury. It features the Spa Soleil where guests can relax and enjoy 30-,60-, and 90-minute massages along with facials and body polishes. The resort also has an indoor and outdoor fitness center that includes tennis courts, swimming pools, and a fully-equipped gym. Guests can also check out kayaks here and attend pilates and yoga classes.

The rooms have a number of amenities that include:

  • In-room entertainment including Wi-Fi and satellite TV
  • Beach Soleil access complete with beach towels, lounge chairs, cabanas and pool
  • Market Kitchen access (includes complimentary snacks and beverages)
  • Beyond the Table tour of Farm Soleil
  • Complimentary beach bicycles and helmets
  • Daily housekeeping


*Private rentals include kitchens stocked upon arrival with fresh produce, juice, yogurt and homemade snacks.



balcony overlooking palm trees and ocean

Le Soleil d’Or meets the desires of any vacationer. Guests can choose to stay in the Boutique Hotel or to choose private rentals. Within the Boutique Hotel, guest may choose to stay in the following accommodations:

  • Superior suite
  • Master suite
  • Premium suite
  • Standard suite

All four suite options provide remarkable views of the gardens and ocean along with comfortable amenities like walk-in closets and king sized beds.

For those looking for the most exclusive experience, the farm lodge, beach house, beach studio, or beach cottage provide intimate and spacious getaways.


Food & Drink

vegetarian sushi roll made at the hotel

The resort has several restaurants on site that offer fine dining experiences that won’t disappoint. Here are their dining options:

  • Restaurant Soleil– Within the Boutique Hotel is the farm-to-table restaurant that prepares fresh, organic options created by the executive chef. The restaurant boasts an ever-changing menu meaning that the seasonally-inspired food provides new and exciting meals.
  • Lemon Bar & Restaurant– Besides being the quintessence of tropical paradise and relaxation, Beach Soleil offers casual dining. The restaurant features the renowned farm-to-table dishes and cocktails that make the exclusive beach club all the more enjoyable.
  • Cooking Classes– Food often taste better when prepared by your own hands. Join the culinary team in the Restaurant Soleil kitchen to learn new techniques and dishes all while using the fresh produce grown on the organic farm.


Things to Do

Beach Soleil with palm frond umbrellas

Cayman Brac offers memorable and exotic adventures so you can play and explore during the day then come back and relax the rest of the evening. In addition to exploring the beach and kayaking, here are other activities to do:

  • Diving & Snorkeling- The island has more than 50 dive sites that explore reefs, walls, and shipwrecks. The crystal clear water makes for unmatched visibility.
  • Natural pools- Ocean tides and topical weather have worked together for thousands of years to create natural pools. These pools are popular for snorkeling or simply relaxing.
  • Biking & hiking- The island has over 30 nature trails that take hikers and bikers to scenic destinations such as historic landmarks and wetland habitats.
  • Fishing- The rich marine life and unique ocean floor attracts aquatic life of all kind. Whether it is from the shore or on a chartered boat, anglers can pursue trophy catches.
  • Bird-watching- Close to 200 aviary species live on or migrate to the Cayman Brac. In addition, the island’s Parrot Reserve is worth a visit.
  • Caving- For a rare look at the island and its ecosystem, go underground to explore the many limestone caves that can be found all over the island.
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