Grand Lubicz Resort

Grand Lubicz Resort

The Grand Lubicz is not your typical resort. Built and designed with relaxation and rehabilitation in mind, your body and mind will be fully recharged with the resort’s services and from the beauty of nature surrounding you.


The Grand Lubicz is located in northern Poland, in the quaint fishing town of Ustka, which was established back in the 9th century. Although the buildings and homes of the town’s 17,000 residents have been modernized, the town has kept the same layout since the Middle Ages.

The major attraction to this part of Poland is the Baltic Sea, known for its healing and therapeutic properties. The Grand Lubicz sits only a short walk away from the sea’s sandy beaches.

Style & Character

Because of the Baltic Sea and its famous natural resources, the Grand Lubicz is centered around healing. But not just for you; this resort boasts many special amenities catering to families and children.

Although the Grand Lubicz is a resort, it doesn’t focus on flashy design or details. It is sleek and modern, but without the gaudiness you might see at a typical resort. Their design caters to being accessible to those with disabilities while still remaining clean and simple to reflect the refreshing feeling of healing and rejuvenation.



The Grand Lubicz has two types of amenities: those for recreation, and those for therapy and healing.


  • Aquapark: The Grand Lubicz has two levels of water fun and relaxation! It includes things like a lazy river, waterslide, a pool filled with saltwater for therapeutic properties, hydromassages, saunas and baths, and sports swimming lanes.
  • Children Amenities: The Grand Lubicz caters to children with a kids’ playroom, toys and coloring books, cribs and bottle warmers, and more for children of all ages. They also offer specific menus for children at some of the resort restaurants.
  • Sporting Equipment: This includes courts of tennis, cube ball, and squash. The Grand Lubicz also has an external sports field for whatever sport you would want to play, and an on-site bike rental for you and your family to explore the neighboring areas.
  • Black Pearl: If you’re looking for some fun in the evening, the Grand Lubicz has its very own nightclub, the “Black Pearl”. Complete with its own bowling alley, you’re sure to find one of the most lively pubs and dance floors around.

Therapy & Healing

  • Gym: In addition to exercise equipment and gear, the Grand Lubicz also offers personal trainers to help you start or continue your fitness goals.
  • Spa: This spa offers both cosmetic and therapeutic treatments. With packages for individuals, couples, friends, or even whole families, there is something here to help you feel refreshed.
  • Medical Resort: Staying true to its town’s healing roots, the Grand Lubicz has a therapy and rehabilitation care center where they can help with an assortment of ailments. For a comprehensive list of their specialties, click here!



Because so much of your stay will be spent outside of your room, the Grand Lubicz has clean, but simple and modest rooms. There are 311 rooms in the resort with a minibar in each and all your favorite amenities, such as an electric kettle for your morning coffee and a bathrobe.

Apart from the standard single and double rooms, you also have the option of a Family Lux Room, a Suite, a Two Floor Suite, and a Presidential Suite. Except for the Family Lux Room, each suite has a living room area, and the Presidential Suite also boasts a kitchenette for your convenience.

Food & Dining

Although Ustka is known for great fishing restaurants, you can have great cuisine without leaving the resort!

  • Chapeau Bas: With an award-winning chef making award-winning food, Chapeau Bas is the perfect place for an evening out. All dishes are made from only fresh ingredients. The food is based on the flavors of the Pomerania region as well as influenced by cultures all over the world, giving your palate variety and flavor like no other.
  • Fala: As a more casual option, Fala is great food served in a buffet style, and is the perfect choice for a family going out to eat. Serving both breakfast and a late dinner, it also includes menus and dishes for kids.
  • Panorama Lounge Cafe and Terrace: This restaurant has an atmosphere like no other, and is perfect for a family outing. Housed in a pyramid made of windows, enjoy food and drinks from a bartender and patisserie chef as you watch the sunset over the Baltic Sea and Ustka.

Things to Do


With the prime location of Grand Lubicz Resort and the historic Ustka, there is no shortage of things to do in the area.

Next to the resort, you can find the Baltic Sea’s sandy beaches, either for kids entertainment or for a relaxing stroll. And if you come during late July, you would be able to see the International Contest of Fireworks hosted in Ustka.

Because of Ustka’s successful fishing industry, there are many things to do at the local harbor. There are small boat rides as well as fishing cruises for those wanting to really get a sense for the Baltic Sea.

This location isn’t just focused on the healing sea or fishing economy. When you enter the town of Ustka, you can find a 19th-century church, the private Museum of Break, and a lighthouse with an observatory.

If you are looking for a refuge from the world and want to be refreshed and taken care of, the Grand Lubicz would certainly exceed your expectations as far as locations, services, and atmosphere.

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