Point Resort in Saranac Lake, New York

Point Resort in Saranac Lake, New York

The Point Resort is a collection of quaint log mansions on the shores of Saranac Lake. The Resort was built by William Avery Rockefeller over a century ago and is the only 5-star resort in upstate New York. The Point masterfully blends luxury and class with the rustic beauty of the outdoors.


The Point Resort was built as a retreat for the wealthiest families in New York, who wanted to escape into nature. These log mansions were built amid the most gorgeous scenery New York has to offer. Located in the Adirondacks Mountains, the Point Resort sits in the vast forest.

Hikers love the natural beauty of the several clear lakes and tumbling streams on a journey through the endless wild paradise. The area is the perfect wooded retreat for all ages an is especially gorgeous during the winter months when snow has blanketed the rustic foliage.


Two empty wooden chairs with a tree-obstructed view of lake saranac at The Point Resort

Style & Character

The log mansions at the Point Resort were all constructed from local timber and granite from the Adirondack mountains. The camping area embodies the 19th-century romantic notions of camping in the most luxurious conditions. The staff is trained to offer warm hospitality and high-class service to match the ambiance of the glimmering surroundings. Every detail in the resort cultivates the combination of secluded luxury and utter comfort.


The Point Resort focuses on the escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. There is no WiFi in the area except for in the lobby. Instead, rooms feature fireplaces, rustic decor, and plenty of character. The Point also lacks a gym or a spa, but they provide any comfort and convenience you could need. You can have a professional masseuse come to your room or have a member of the staff deliver food to you wherever you are. They have a small pub and a boat dock for lake tours. But ultimately, nothing distracts from the dark-green forest and breezy, mountain-fresh air.


A lake view of the Boathouse at The Point Resort on Lake Saranac


The Point Resort has 11 luxurious guest rooms spread out in the 4 original log mansion structures. Each cabin has gorgeous views of the lake, hand-built beds, and vintage baths, often featuring original brass and chrome fixtures. Each room has its own character and unique decor.

Learn about each of the rooms below:

  • The Boat Room: The Boat Room is the resort’s most popular room. It is an open hall above the boat docks. It features beaming ceiling vaults hovering over a storybook canopied bed.
  • Mohawk: The original Master bedroom of the cabin, the Mohawk features a fieldstone fireplace with deep sofas and armchairs. There is plenty of natural light and gorgeous views of a shimmering lake.
  • Algonquin: The Algonquin was originally William Rockefeller’s study. The room has a specially commissioned map of the Upper Saranac mounted above the stone fireplace.
  • Iroquois: Found in the same building as the Great Hall, the Iroquois room has a giant fireplace with gorgeous brass reading lights.
  • Morningside: The Morningside room is named after its open eastward-facing windows. As the sun rises, it illuminates the room and its beamed cathedral style ceilings
  • Sentinel: The Sentinel is a 2-room suite that was originally the stables and garage of the cabin. The room has views in every direction and a handmade bed frame made of birch tree trunk.  
  • Lookout: The Lookout is an upper-level room with a gorgeous view of the lake through French windows. It also has a beautiful deck where guests can enjoy the view outdoors.
  • Trappers: This gorgeous room is in the same building as the Pub. Trappers has beautiful, rough-cut pine wood lining the walls.
  • Saranac: The Saranac is a delicate room featuring a giant fireplace, which takes up an entire wall.
  • Weatherwatch: This large room was originally the living room in the guest house. The Weatherwatch room is one of the most luxurious rooms the Point Resort has to offer.
  • Evensong: The Evensong room was Mrs. Rockefeller’s favorite room because of the sunlit fireplace alcove facing the king bed.


Food & Drink

At the Point Resort, guests wine and dine a little differently than most resorts. The Great Hall is open for an exquisite communal experience for all 3 meals. The menu changes with the seasons, and guests enjoy each other’s company and stunning dishes.

However, food can be prepared and delivered to guests wherever they want. You could hike a trail to “Camp David” and have a gourmet meal waiting for you there. You could canoe to an island with a specifically prepared picnic. If you’re leaving for the day, the staff will provide you with a to-go box to take on the journey. The Point Resort goes out of their way to cater to guests for every meal beginning with early morning coffee and ending with late night cocktails.


Guests skating on frozen Lake Saranac in front of The Boathouse room at The Point Resort.

Things To Do

There are endless activities for resort guests no matter the time of year. During the winter, cross country skis and snowshoes are available for those who wish to adventure out into the white fields of the forest. Alternatively, the frozen lake provides a host of activities, including skating, curling, and ice fishing. Nearby Lake Placid was a 2-time host of the winter Olympics and features downhill skiing and public bobsled and luge runs.

During the summer, the lake opens up to guests, and there are several water activities available. Hike the Adirondacks and see some gorgeous lookout points and streams, or take a boat ride tour of the camps in the area. Horseback riding, hunting, bass and trout fishing, and golfing can all be found nearby with relative ease. The area is rich with plenty to do for guests of all ages.

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