Mukul Resort in Nicaragua

Mukul Resort in Nicaragua

Mukul Resort in Nicaragua is in an amazing location. It’s name is the Mayan word for “secret,”  and this resort truly is one of Nicaragua’s best-kept secrets. This beautiful resort is right on the Emerald Coast in Central America. It’s the perfect, luxurious getaway from the cold and snow, or just an escape from the ordinary. But don’t just take our word for it. Read more to find out what makes this resort the perfect tropical getaway.


Bird’s eye view of a beautiful terraced resort on a beach


The Mukul Resort is on the Nicaraguan coast, surrounded by the lush forest and majestic mountains. The location and views are worth the trip. The prime location is ideal for adventurers and families alike. Guests can fly into the international airport in Managua, or into one of the international airports in Costa Rica. Check out this travel guide to learn more about flight information to get to the resort.

Style & Character

The decor and architecture of the Mukul Resort match the Central American location. Some buildings have thatched roofs and others feature terracotta shingles, which are common building materials in Central America. Inside, the resort is modern and luxurious, yet simple and clean. Rooms feature crisp white walls and bedding with natural wood accents and green pops of color to reflect the tropical paradise of the nearby jungle.


Aerial view of Mukul Resort


The Mukul Resort has 37 rooms that each have an ocean view and a pool. They also feature expected amenities like air conditioning, televisions, and bath robes. The resort is also home to Spa Mukul, where guests can go to relax and enjoy different treatments. If you are looking for another way to relax, try the 18-hole golf course. The Mukul Resort also has miles of bike trails and coastline for guests to explore.


Mukul Resort provides accommodations for guests traveling alone or in large groups. There is a 20,000-square-foot private beach compound, suites, smaller villas, bohios (huts), and a variety of complete residences for guests to choose from.

Read more about the accommodations below:

  • Casona Don Carlos: The large beach compound is almost a complete resort by itself. There is a 4-bedroom suite, access to the beach, and a large, private pool. From their own windows, guests can see the mountains, the beach, and the golf course. If all of that is still not enough, guests are provided with a private butler during their stay here!
  • Private Beach Villas: Each private villa has beach access, a private pool, and a garden area. These beach villas were designed so that guests can feel right at home. There are 3 different villa options that vary in size and some amenities. They also all feature large soaking tubs, and some have secret gardens, wrap-around decks, and outdoor showers.
  • Suite Doña Vivian: This suite is a 3-story, 2-bedroom suite. It has all the amenities you could need, including the private butler and a private sauna. In addition, there is almost a 360-degree view of the ocean.
  • Bohios (Huts): Mukul Resort also has private bohios, or huts, for guests to stay in. They are tucked into the lush canopies nearby and are built on a steep hillside so guests can get the best views. Don’t let the term “huts” throw you off; these bohios have a plush king-size bed, spacious closet, and bath robes and towels in the modern bathroom. Outside, there’s a great deck, an eating area, and a small private pool. Guests can see the mountains, the golf course, and the ocean in these bohios.
  • Residences: Finally, there are private residences at Mukul resort. These residences are incredibly luxurious and beautifully designed. They all have private pools and great views. The room size and number of beds varies with each resident, but the quality does not. Each residence has beautiful indoor and outdoor living spaces that are a perfect getaway for your family.




Food & Drink

The food provided at Mukul resort is incredibly Grilled fish meal at the Mukul Resortdelicious and a work of art. The resort offers a variety of food and drink for any occasion. You can have anything from a romantic dinner on the beach to a poolside fresh-fruit beverage. There are fancy tasting menus or a casual sports bar grill and everything in between. They even host a Luau on Thursdays.

The restaurants at the Mukul Resort include:


  • Beach Terrace: an outdoor dining experience on the hotel’s terrace
  • Parrilla: beach dining option
  • La Mesa: luxury dining experience


And don’t forget to visit Flor de Caña Rum Cellar, where you can try vintage wines and authentic Nicaraguan cigars.


view of man golfing at Mukul Resort

Things To Do

The Mukul Resort is the resort for adventurers. The ocean offers plenty of outdoor activities like surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing. Guests can also explore the trails surrounding the report by cycling or hiking. In addition to these activities, practice your archery, play tennis, or book one of the personalized excursions to explore Nicaragua by land, by boat, or by helicopter.

If you’re looking for the perfect Central American Getaway, Mukul Resort in Nicaragua can’t be beat.

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