Manoir de Lebioles in Belgium

Manoir de Lebioles in Belgium

This gorgeous manor is the pearl of the Ardennes mountains. This historic building was originally commissioned and built by a visionary architect named Georges Neyt, a Belgian diplomat who was said to be a son of King Leopold I. Construction began in 1905 and finished in 1910, the same year Georges passed away. His daughter later sold it to Edmond Dresse, a Liege businessman whose family lived in the manor for the next 69 years. During this time, the family used the property for several high society social gatherings such as theater plays, hunts, concerts, and balls. In the 1980s it was sold as a hotel and operated under the name Hotel de Charme. Later, after some modern renovations it was renamed Manoir de Lebioles and became the high-class hotel it is today.


Manoir de Lebioles from a distance surrounded by a forest.

The manor is located in the town of Spa in the Belgian province of Liege. The town of Spa is actually where the word spa comes from. The mineral springs and wells in the area are considered to have healing properties, and the mineral water from Spa is exported all over the world. Today, Spa is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Belgium. 

Style & Character

Elaborately decorated, the gorgeous Manoir de Lebioles is a luxury hotel. The manor features warm colors and has an extremely generous layout, so every room seems spacious. The manor is remotely placed in the thick forests and provides beautiful views of the Belgian countryside.

The staff is trained to bring the personality and elegance of the manor to life by providing an intimate experience for each guest. The manor also has open fireplaces that add a little extra charm to each room.

Indoor lobby of Manoir de Lebioles


Each room at the manor includes air conditioning, a flat screen tv, DVD and CD player, minibar, electronic safe, and a DSL internet outlet. On top of that, the wellness center is a deluxe area for guests to relax that includes industry-leading spa and relaxation techniques, a sauna, cardio and fitness centers, tennis courts, a vitality pool, and plenty of helpful staff to accommodate the needs of guests.


Suite Imperiale room of Manoir de Lebioles

Chambre Relais: These gorgeous cozy rooms have a queen sized bed and beautiful views of either the courtyard or the Ardennes mountain ranges.

Suite Castellane: These individual suites are each equipped with their own custom architecture making it a unique experience for every guest.

Suite Imperiale: Each Suite Imperiale has custom architecture and a spacious floor plan.

Suite Royale: This magnificent suite is a gorgeously decorated room with an open fireplace and a breathtaking view of the sunset over the forests of the Ardennes mountains.

Suite Imperiale: The premier suite of the manor, this room is located in the tower of the ancient castle-like structure. It features two fireplaces and a gorgeous panoramic view of the pristine gardens and Ardennes mountains.

Food & Drink

A plated and colorful meal from the restaurant at Manoir de Lebioles

The Manoir de Lebioles is actually famous for its divine gourmet restaurant. Gourmet foodies from around the world stop by the manor for an enjoyable experience in the restaurant that was awarded 15/20 points Gault Millau.

The chef perfectly blends the subtle aromas and delicate flavors of every menu item with the finest wines pairings in the region. The restaurant serves a four-course meal that takes you on a cultural journey through the region with beautifully presented food that tastes as good as it smells.

Things to Do

Skyline of Spa, Belgium featuring castles and churches

Spa is rich with cultural and sporting activities for all. The main attraction has, for centuries, been the natural springs in the area. No matter what time of year you visit, there is a cultural event or folklore festival. The musical festival Francofolies de Spa, the Theater of Stavelot and Spa are world renowned cultural celebrations close by.

Also celebrated in the area around the Fourth Sunday of Lent, is the processions of the Blanc-Moussis de Stavelot of Laetare de Stavelot, a festival that began in the 1500 celebrating the fun and rich history of the area. There are a variety of fun and exciting things to do in this area.

The world famous formula one racecourse Spa-Francorchamps is nearby as well, so there is no end to the amount of fun you can have on your trip to Manoir de Lebioles.

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