Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

An overhead view of Laucala Island Resort


Laucala Island Resort rests on Laucala Island, a private island in Fiji. The resort rests on 4.5 square kilometers of the 12 square kilometer island, which is perfect for an intimate getaway. The rest of the island is pristine wilderness, allowing guest to access the natural wonderland that surrounds them. The resort can be accessed via private plane or taking the resort’s plane from the Nadi International Airport, which takes about 50 minutes.


Style & Character

The resort perfectly blends a traditional Fijian cultural experience with all of the modern amenities that a resort-goer would want. Each villa is designed to preserve the natural feeling of the resort, with thatch roofs and locally-sourced timber and each room providing a spectacular view of the natural surroundings. Guests will get to experience Fiji authentically, but with all of the contemporary luxury of this resort.



The pool area at Laucala Island Resort

Amenities include but are not limited to:

  • Guided walking tours around the island
  • A luxury golf course
  • Kids club, with activities and Fijian crafts for children
  • Access to 8 Fijian horses to explore the island
  • The Water Sports Centre with access to boats, kayaks, and jet skis
  • The spa, where the materials used in spa treatments are sourced from the island
  • A 2,000 square foot lagoon-style pool at the heart of the resort



Each villa comes with a private pool, Wifi, a private garden, and a buggy so that guests can explore the island. There are six different classifications of rooms:


  • Hilltop Residence- This residence rests on top of the hills of the island, providing guests with a spectacular view. It includes 11,000 square meters of living space, a private cook, a chauffeur, and a private nanny.


  • Overwater Villa– This residence provides guests with two bedrooms and unfettered access to the ocean, and its pool and hot tub have been carved directly from the rocks around the shore.


  • Peninsula Villa– This residence provides guests with plenty of living space, separated by rope bridges, a private beach, and a private jetty.


  • Plantation Villas– These 310 to 600 square meter residences were incorporated into the old coconut plantation, guests can feel emerged in Fijian culture.


  • Plateau Villas– Situated on the mountain, these residences provide guests with spectacular views and softens the line between indoors and outdoors.


  • Seagrass Villas– Situated on the coast, these residences are ideal for nature lovers, with both plenty of space and plenty of access to the natural beauties surrounding them.


Food & Drink

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Guests can choose from any of the resort’s five bars and restaurants, which serve traditional Fijian dishes made from ingredients harvested directly from the island’s farms and plantation. All of these restaurants offer breathtaking views of the island or the resort. Interested guests can also participate in cooking classes, offered at one of the resort’s restaurants, the Plantation House.


Things to Do

The island’s biggest draw is its natural beauty. Guests can explore the island at their leisure, spend the day on the beach, explore the island’s farms and plantation, engage in watersports and boating, take a beginner’s scuba diving class, or engage in traditional Fijian cultural activities, such as music, and arts and crafts.


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