Kempinski Hotel in Lithuania

Kempinski Hotel in Lithuania

Kempinski Hotel is a beautiful 5-star hotel located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Its location on Cathedral Square makes it the perfect spot for a sightseeing trip through the rich culture and history of the area. Kempinski Hotel has warm staff and luxurious rooms that are sure to help you enjoy your stay in this beautiful country. Read more to learn about this hotel!


The hotel is located right on Cathedral square in Old Town Vilnius. Old Town features several historic buildings that will transport you back to the Medieval Era. From the breathtaking cathedrals, to the small shops and bustling markets, Kempinski Hotel is the perfect spot for a great journey through this festive city. Guests can arrive at the hotel by flying into Vilnius International Airport or Kaunas Airport.


An aerial view of old buildings on Cathedral Square in Vilnius.

Style & Character

The architecture in Vilnius reflects a blend of styles from Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, making it a gorgeous display of style from the Baltic countries. The hotel itself reflects the rich history of the surrounding area. It was built around 100 years ago, and its exterior columns and pediment structures help reflect the classic, renaissance feel although the hotel has been fully renovated.


Swimming pool and hot tub


The hotel includes the following amenities for guests:

  • Spa
  • 24-hour gym
  • Personal trainers
  • Flat screen TV
  • Xbox One with Kinect
  • In-room safe
  • Bicycles you can borrow
  • Limousine service


Deluxe Room bed with view of Cathedral in window


The Kempinski Hotel Cathedral square has 96 luxurious rooms and suites. Among these rooms are with 3 different room layouts and 5 different suites to choose from. 

Learn more about the room options below:

  • Standard Room: The standard room features in-room coffee/tea facilities. It has a stunning view of the inner courtyard, and includes a work desk and lounge area.
  • Superior Room: The superior room has more space than the Standard Room and has an additional bed so more guests can experience the classic decor and gorgeous views of Old Town.
  • Deluxe Room: This room boasts high ceilings and a beautiful alcove balcony for breathtaking views of Cathedral Square.

Here is additional information about each suite option:

  • Junior Suite: The Junior Suite is the smallest suite at the hotel but it is still very cozy and eloquent. It includes a minibar, in-room breakfast, an espresso maker, high-speed internet, all under a charming attic ceiling.
  • Deluxe Cupola Suite: The highlight of this gorgeous two-story suite is the gorgeous Cupola situated above a curved, wooden staircase that lights the room with natural daylight.
  • Executive Suite: An upgrade in size and beauty from the Deluxe Cupola Suite, this suite boasts of breathtaking views of Cathedral Square.
  • Grand Suite: The Grand Suite provides a warm and inviting ambiance with beautiful home decor. It also offers one-way pickup from the airport in a BMW 7.
  • Presidential Suite: This is the biggest suite in the city of Vilnius. It is built with all the amenities of the other rooms while featuring security measures like bulletproof windows.


The Signature Dish; Deer plated and garnished

Food & Drink

The city is rich with several amazing eateries and bars. If that is not enough the hotel has 3 restaurants and bars of the highest quality: The Restaurant Telegrafas, Le Salon, and Atelier Wine Boutique.

The Restaurant Telegrafas is an exquisite high-class restaurant featuring European cuisine with a mediterranean influence. The menu pays close attention to freshness and seasonal items, making each meal truly delicious. It also has an extensive breakfast buffet. On the other hand,  Le Salon is all about champagne, serving some of the finest selection of cocktails and drinks. Its beautiful decorations and international menu makes Le Salon Bar and Lounge an elegant stop on your trip. 

And your stay at the Kempinski Hotel wouldn’t be complete without stopping at the Atelier Wine Boutique in the hotel’s lobby. Relax and have a drink with award-winning sommelier, Mr. Martynas Pravilonis, who recommends the perfect wines and pairings for a terrific journey of tastes.


Cathedral Square

Things To Do

Vilnius has a rustic old town with so many things to do. The Cathedral Square features several festivities including a Christmas light display. If you are not visiting during festivals, there are still many historic landmarks, cathedrals, and museums to visit. Old Town is a UNESCO Heritage Site with a vibrant atmosphere and charming culture, giving visitors of all ages plenty to explore.

Make sure you book your trip to this gorgeous getaway. You will love the charming culture of Vilnius Old Town and the magnificent Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square.

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