&Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp in Africa

&Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp in Africa

Much of the African continent survives as the “last frontier” when it comes to travel and exploration. You may feel that a trip to Africa is beyond your capabilities, or you simply lack the connections to make the trip personal. All of these concerns, as well as many others have now been taken care of by the hosts at &Beyond Xaranna. Enjoy a luscious camp site, fully equipt to your every need. Explore the Botswana safari with professional local guides, and see the wildlife you have only heard about in books.


The Camp

candle lit scene at the delta camp

&Beyond Xaranna features only nine ensuite safari tents for minimum environmental impact and maximum privacy and authenticity. Each tent is constructed with khaki, pale pink canvas, and pale timber. Each tent has a private sala, pool, indoor bathtub, and shower. The view for each guest is spectacular, and the arrangement of the camp provides ample opportunity to socialize or simply relax. Dinners are served in candle-lit magnificence under the stars.


Tours and Activities

elephant on a tour at the delta camp

Game drives, boat rides, and even helicopter rides are some of the activities available to guests during the time of their stay. Depending on the season of the visit, some guests may be privy to certain wildlife encounters including elephants, leopards, and lions. The guides will ask you about your favorite animals and what you most hope to see and will do their best to help you have that experience.


Conservation and Community

leopard sleeping on a tree during a wildlife tour at the delta camp

One of the major goals of &Beyond is to have a low environmental impact while deriving the maximum possible support for wildlife and land conservation efforts. Hippos, African wild dogs, and rhino are just some of the animals that have been greatly impacted by &Beyond’s efforts. Many of the staff members at &Beyond come from surrounding communities, and are trained well to make your stay comfortable, but it is their excitement about sharing their home, and their desire to make you happy that will set your experience apart.

An African safari has never been so close to your fingertips. Come have the time of your life full of both luxury and adventure. There is so much to learn from Africa and no better place to experience it than with &Beyond.

**Pictures from the &Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp website

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